Memories of the Future

Memeories of the Future. Peter Lang 2017
Memeories of the Future. Peter Lang 2017

Memories of the Future: On Countervision edited by Stephen Wilson and Deborah Jaffé has been published in the Cultural Memories Series by Peter Lang. ISBN: 9781787075757. £45, $67.95

What is a memory of the future? Is it a myth, a fiction of a severed arm, a post-human debate or a broken time machine? In an increasingly insecure future-world there is an urgency to consider and debate these questions. The authors of the chapters in this book address these concerns by speculating on the connections between memory and futurity in fields such as counter-histories, women’s studies, science fiction, art and design, technology, philosophy and politics. They link  the re-imaginings of memory into the present with topics like the fever dream allegory of the adolescent social experience, soft technologies of future dress, reinventions of monetary exchange, rekindled subjectivities of school days, and technics and human progression.


Frank Hornby & Mechanical Toys

Toys CoverDeborah will give the inaugural lecture to the new South Yorkshire Branch of the Newcomen Society, at Kelham Island Museum in Sheffield on 23 January 2017. The lecture will be Frank Hornby & Mechanical Toys – Britain, Germany & the USA. The fascinating and entrepreneurial Frank Hornby was the inventor of Meccano, The Hornby Railway and Dinky Cars – one of the great toy designers.  The lecture is based on Deborah’s research for The History of Toys. Further information here

Deborah Jaffé is an author; cultural and design historian; ceramicist and painter with special interests in the history of souvenirs and memory studies; women and innovation; childhood, play and toys.