Warth Mills

A Personal Archive – my father, Friedel Jaffé,  was a refugee from Germany, arriving in London in March 1939. Some years after he died in 1990, I discovered numerous files of his correspondence between 1937 and 1946. Although he told me some details of the desperation this period of his life, it was nothing in comparison to what I have discovered in this correspondence.  It reveals the bleakness of his life trying to ‘get out’ , his arrival in London and not being allowed to work, learning a new language, the outbreak of war,  his internment and as a soldier in the Pioneer Corps of the British Army. He was interned in dreadful conditions at Warth Mill and I am delighted that Richard Shaw has initiated this important project to trace the descendants of those interned there and in so doing tell the stories of the internees. This is an important piece of social  history and still relevant today. See more here