New edition of Victoria by Deborah Jaffé
New edition of Victoria by Deborah Jaffé

A new edition of Victoria, by Deborah Jaffé,  was published by Andre Deutsch in August 2016. First published in 2001  for the centenary of Queen Victoria’s death, this is the fourth edition. The edition coincides with the forthcoming ITV programme, Victoria.  Illustrated throughout, in full colour,  it places Queen Victoria in the context of the enormous social, political and industrial changes of the 19th century.    Hardcover, 192 pages. £16.99    ISBN-10:023300497.        ISBN-13: 978-0233004976.

VictoriaVictoria – a celebration examines Queen Victoria’s early years and her sixty for year reign in the context of the vast political, social and technological changes of the 19th century. It also looks at Queen Victoria’s personal life, as wife of Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and mother of nine children. It looks at the huge social changes brought by the industrial revolution, social conflicts and political reforms, Prince Albert’s role in the intellectual life of the country, the Queen’s long widowhood and her family that spread across Europe. The book is lavishly illustrated using over 200 photographs and images from the period.

Publishing information
United Kingdom
Published by Carlton Books 2001 (UK, USA)
Hardback ISBN 1 84222 180 9
Paperback ISBN 1 84222 812 9

Deborah Jaffé is an author; cultural and design historian; ceramicist and painter with special interests in the history of souvenirs and memory studies; women and innovation; childhood, play and toys.