Newcomen Links

As the editor and designer of Newcomen Links for Newcomen, the International Society for the History of Engineering and Technology, Deborah produces 4 issues a year of the magazine.




In 2009 Deborah was a guest editor, with Sylvia Katz, of Plastiquarian for the Plastics Historical Society, which concentrated on the impact of plastics on women’s lives.


In the past she has designed front covers for The Lancet and The British Dental Journal.

A Quick Launch - Deborah Jaffe
A Quick Lunch
The British Dental Journal; Vol. 188 No. 4
Photomontage, 2000
Skull - Deborah Jaffe
The British Dental Journal; Vol. 188 No. 7
Photomontage, 2000


Deborah Jaffé is an author; cultural and design historian; ceramicist and painter with special interests in the history of souvenirs and memory studies; women and innovation; childhood, play and toys.